Our Teacher

Fergal Lawlor holds a 3rd degree black belt in Mugendo and is trained by Professor George Canning the founder of Mugendo kick-boxing.

He is  a fully qualified  N.C.E.F  fitness trainer who has worked helping hundreds of people over the last six years achieve their fitness goals.

Fergal has trained in other martial arts like Kung fu, ju- jitsu, mixed martial arts, Capoeira and has  been to Thailand and trained in Muay Thai kick boxing. 

Everybody is welcome so please come  and see for yourself how Mugendo can change your life for the better.

"My experience in all of these fields has given me a very open mind towards other martial artists who may just want to try something different. Through the practice of all of these different systems I can help current martial artists make the most of their abilities and show them how to use these abilities in a free flowing unlimited way that is Mugendo." Fergal Lawlor, 2011.

What is Mugendo?

Mugendo translated from Japanese means The Unlimited Way. It is a free flowing dynamic powerful art which is combination of Karate, Taekwondo and boxing. Grappling, throws, locks are also taught but only at an advanced level so as to avoid injury to the student.

There are no long wide stances or fixed positions In Mugendo as you would find in traditional martial arts.  This is so because fixed positions and stances do not allow for any progression in movement or thought and therefore can inhibit the students natural movements and reactions.


Mugendo is suitable for men and women all ages and physical ability.

Benifits of Mugendo Kickboxing

What does a class involve?

A class is an hour in duration and begins with 15 minutes of warm up exercises and stretches.  This is followed by kicking and punching techniques, self defence techniques and their applications and we finish with a gentle cool-down and some flexibility stretching which is extremely good for increasing your overall range of movement and easing any pains or aches you may have from your training.