Benefits Of Mugendo Kickboxing

So what are the benefits and is it for me?


Have you recently or perhaps many moons ago retired from playing competitive team sports and now want a simple effective system that helps keep you “ticking over” without risking broken bones and battered limbs?

Are you searching for an effective Overall Full Body Workout that improves your Muscle Tone, Flexibility, and Strength not to mention something that boosts your energy levels while you learn a new skill that helps you defend yourself too?

Our focus at Mugendo Martial Arts Academy is YOU and the improvement of Your Health and Fitness in a way that is actually enjoyable while you’re doing not just after you’re finished:


• You won’t be forced into fights or pitted you off against youngsters to be used as sparring partners.


• We focus on you and how we can help improve your physical state of being.


• Most of all we get you results whether it’s trimming that extra little bit you may be carrying around

the mid-rift, helping to improve your posture, hyper-stimulating your energy levels, promoting better decision-making when it comes to food and habits and the list goes on my friend.



So maybe you would like to try a free class and see if it is for you?

I would like to find out more…..

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