Junior and Teen Mu-gen-do Kickboxing Classes


Our Junior and Teen Mu-gen-do Kickboxing programs focus on building positive character traits in your child/children.

Your child/children/teen will benefit from working out in a Safe, Disciplined, Educational & Fun environment.




We place a large emphasis on “RESPECT” for:


– Yourself

– Others

– Their parents

– Their teachers and their school


We believe in having fun too, the children and teens will learn Mu-gen-do in a safe, stimulating environment through using a balance of game playing and drills so that they enjoy their time with us.




Adult Classes


We understand that you want something different to keep things interesting and fun.

That’s why we’re always changing our classes format to keep things interesting for you, the student so that you’re always learning something new!

Classes vary from Circuit training to Pad work drills, with a training partner to Sparring for the more advanced participants, but by no means is it obligatory for a student to spar.





We follow official World Mu-gen-do University grading curriculum as prescribed by the World Mu-gen-do Kickboxing University located in Dublin City, Ireland.

All grades are recognised as such by the technical committee of the university.

Grading is completed twice per year for adults, teens and children alike, once a required training attendance record is adhered to.


What’s so different About Us…?


1.We train in our civilian clothes.

That means there is no need to train in your bare feet which could lead to broken toes and grazed feet…and no, we won’t try and sell you a karate uniform either….


2.Our teacher Fergal Lawlor is a recognised fitness professional.

Having work as a personal trainer since 2006 helping the hundreds get in shape, lose weight and prepare people for competitive events from Kickboxing to G.A.A.  Fergal is always at hand to provide useful information relating to nutrition and health, as well as, how to workout by yourself safely and effectively.


3. We DO NOT require you to fight.

Mugendo may have been developed for fighting, but if you don’t want to you don’t have to and we won’t pressure you into it either.  You can train entirely just to reap the health benefits of the training alone.


4. We can teach you how to protect yourself by being more aware of your surroundings.

Fergal is a qualified close protection bodyguard.  He was active in the industry for two years.   Both on a close protection basis and red carpet events security, for Government dignitaries and Hollywood celebrities.  This was after training intensely, for four years 16 hours per week, with one of the world’s top security specialist’s and martial artist’s,  Professor George Canning 10th dan of the World Mu-gen-do Security Organisation.  


5. We can teach you how to take preventative measures to protect yourself and your loved ones by:

Avoiding becoming habitual in your daily routines,  which will make you less of an easy target for crime.

Learning how to recognise changes in body language and speech patterns in other people, and that you are one step ahead of any threat to you.


And this is just the tip of the iceberg……


SO… why not have a go… click “HERE to try out a class for FREE!