December News!

Wow! End of December and End of 2016 already!


We hope you enjoyed the pressies and mince pies….

We did!!!


Yes! December 2016

We saw grading successes to all of our students who took part this month, in the children’s and the adults classes. The standard was very high and nobody got handed a belt for just showing up!  It was apparent that blood sweat and tears were put into the practising at home by all! Then on the day when it counted a big congrats and well done to all who took part.

Christmas Classes

On another note this year we decided to do it different when it came to our opening hours over the holidays… We made a few morning classes available for our kids and adults over the Holidays this Christmas which proved very successful in the children’s classes. This was great to see as we all know the amount of tempting sweet things that get gifted to us at this time of year and how easy it is to pick away at them as we’re usually cooped up in our homes.  It was so positive to see our students still exercising and keeping some balance going over the festive period.

January 2017

This will see a few of our members training to enter their first open kickboxing tournament so it’s all go right now.
Thank you for all your support and dedication whether you are training yourself or a parent who makes the time to bring your children in to us!
All the best and Happy New Year to you and yours!!!

So that’s a Wrap-Up for December 2016….

…but we have more for 2017!

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