November News!

November and what a month here at
The Mugendo Martial Arts Academy!!


A radio interview on LMFM, an exciting new development in the Academy started and more!  So guys here’s what’s been happening:


Radio feature On LMFM

November saw one our long time members, Peter Lawlor being Interviewed by West Meath radio station LMFM, with “The Late lunch” talk show host, Mr. Gerry Kelly.

Peter was invited on the show to speak about his staggering 7 stone weight loss.

Yours truly, the teacher, was dragged in last minute too!  Let’s say… I wasn’t expecting, as I was apparently “the one who started all this” according to Peter!!

In my opinion, Peter is an inspiration to anyone that is thinking about losing weight, no matter what your age.

Peter Lawlor

It’s never too late to get healthy!

So… you want to fight?

After much mulling it over in my head and being antagonised by some people (and you know who you are)….

I’ve decided to put together a fight team for the dojo.

Now, before you go all “Eye of the Tiger” on me and drinking raw eggs for your brekkie, listen up killer!  I’ve competed myself in the past. Although I only competed briefly over a period of 2 years, I can tell you it’s not an easy road at all…

Did I mention only “absolutely bonkers” candidates with “a never give up” attitude and the “spirit to win” be considered for the team?


Joking!!!…. About the bonkers bit that is….

Seriously though….

The level of commitment and dedication required from an Individual to train to a level where he/she is ready to compete in a combat sport is massive!  Oh yeah and this too…

I’ve lovingly called this new branch of our dojo….

Wait for it…

“Mugendo Fight Team”

Original I know..😜

Please note that the fight team is only open to students 13yrs or older for now.

Also, fighters have to supply all of their own training gear and will be required, to purchase their own insurance for fighting in open tournaments.

So if your interested talk to me in class or call me….

Lastly, everybody is now ready for grading next week, so keep practising your movements, because practice makes perfect!!!

All the best!


Fergal Lawlor 5th dan

Head coach

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