October News!



Wow! Look at what’s been happening in October!


Our juniors began sparring for the first time!  I always said,  “I’d like to introduce the juniors to sparring in such a way, that there was no fear associated with it, as it’s very easy to get discouraged early on from getting a knock.” We have made sure that the training sessions were very controlled from the get go. Everyone enjoyed themselves and most importantly there were NO injuries incurred by anyone…


NEW Floor & Dedicated Sparring Class

We’ve got plans to mat out the dojo floor with 20mm competition mats in the very near future with the intention of introducing dedicated sparring classes which are entirely optional. These classes will be added to the timetable in 2017 so that you can put your Mugendo skills into use in the safety of your full sparring gear. A softer floor will also make training easier on the knees and provide some cushioning for any of the inevitable falls you may have during your training so that it’s a safer environment for everybody partaking in our classes.


Juniors graduate to adults class

Some of our junior students recently graduated to our adult’s group training classes after they had proved They were ready for a greater challenge though their efforts in training. Well done to the following students… Well done to Gavin Duffy, James Barry, Roisin McGovern, Paul McDonnell and Josh Doyle!



Practice makes perfect

Right now the martial arts academy is in the process of preparing for our grading which takes place a few weeks before the Christmas holidays. If you are a parent of a child who attends the classes please I implore you to encourage them to practice at home in any spare time they have. If you’re in our adult’s class please address me in class about what techniques you must learn and execute in order to be eligible to grade.



New Identity

We’ve recently commissioned a graphic designer to make our new logo. The colours of choice, are blue and gold like our teachers’ dojo to keep some uniformity going.  Oh! and the lion’s head- well, because it looks SO cool!:)  Well, we think so anyway!!!


I’d like to welcome all the new students to the dojo and wish you all the best very in your new found interest in the martial arts and Mugendo. Once per month you’ll receive this newsletter to keep you up to speed on all happenings in the dojo.


Yours in the martial arts,

Fergal Lawlor

5th degree black belt
Head coach at Mugendo Martial Arts Academy

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