The Benefits




So what are the “Benefits” of Private Training?


  • Work out more safely under the supervision of a trainer than by yourself.  This is so that you stay “injury free” throughout your time spent training.

  • Be educated about nutrition and exercise specific to your goal/s.  You feel more confident about training by yourself. This will only lead you on to further learning about yourself, as a person and success in the pursuit of health and wellbeing.

  • Receive intensive training sessions, which are solely focused on you and your goals.   Your training sessions are “lazer” targeted at achieving your goals, in a shorter time period.

  • We’ll be here to provide you with accountability, by means of an online correspondence.  The more ‘we’re in touch” with you, the more value we can add to your time spent training with us.

  • You’ll receive constant Coaching, Support and Guidance.   This is to ensure you keep up a high moral about your training and day to day life.  It’s a given, that things can get on top of us from time to time. This is normal, so that’s why we do our best to give you a bulletproof blueprint, for success no matter what your goals are.



So if you would like to find out more about private training, simply click HERE
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