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Hi, I’m Fergal Lawlor!


It’s the twenty-eight of March two thousand eighteen, it’s my birthday.  I began my martial arts journey in 2003 as I turned 17 years of age, inspired by watching many Bruce Lee Films and being a big fan of the cult following film franchise “The Matrix“.  I turned thirty-two years old today, which means that I’m practising martial artist fifteen years. If you’ve not heard about me before I teach Mu-gen-do kickboxing in Athboy and Trim since 2009. I hold the rank of 5thDegree black belt in Mu-gen-do.


My love and passion for teaching people martial arts is so great that I am unable to communicate just how much so effectively by using mere words.  I can tell you though that I derive a feeling of great happiness and spiritual reward from teaching individual’s martial arts. I like to think that I help an individual realise the limitless potential that they store within them.Once they realise this potential I help bring it out of them, thus the person becomes stronger in themselves, emotionally, physically and mentally. I will deliver you with the utmost highest standard of tuition in the martial arts as I am humanly capable every single time you train under my tutelage.


I even though I am a teacher am still going through a process of self-knowing and learning, I believe that this is a major contributing factor in my ability to understand what an individual need from their training.


I mean, How can a teacher progress once they stop learning?


Eventually, their students will catch up on them and surpass them, thus the teacher becomes obsolete and useless to his students and all because he’s not willing to continue to learn, grow and progress in his field.


Unfortunately, the general consensus on martial arts in the public’s eye seems to be one of painful training, black eyes and bloody noses. In our school, we build a person up from the inside out, rather than attempting to beat the martial arts into them. This is the old way and it’s not effective for everyone. We don’t force combat training on people, we have many who train with us purely for the holistic benefits of the martial arts.


Now that’s not to say you won’t experience a little pain, or as I like to call it… beneficial discomfort… If you’re still unsure about us as somewhere you could see yourself training, somewhere that you can picture yourself becoming fitter healthier and stronger every time you work out with us, then allow me to give you some advice on pain: “Don’t be afraid of pain, we reap strength from pain so welcome pain, be afraid of too much comfort it weakens your mind, body and spirit. If you have exhausted all your avenues of attempting to gain health longevity and well-being and if this short piece has ignited your interest in what we do, then I implore you to seek us out on the internet and take a complimentary class with us.


We can help you become the healthiest version of you. Look for Mugendo Martial Arts Academy across all social media platforms., or just give us a quick call and ask for Fergal 085 786 2812.


Yours in the martial arts,


Fergal Lawlor
5th Dan black belt and lead instructor at Mugendo Martial Arts Academy