A little bit about us… Mu-gen-do Martial Arts Academy opened it’s doors to the public in Trim, County Meath, in July 2010.

It is run by its head instructor Fergal Lawlor a 5th-degree black belt and personal fitness coach.

Fergal has been a martial artist since 2003 when he began his kickboxing training with a local club in Navan Co. Meath before he found Professor George Canning 10th dan of The World Mugendo University.

Learn Something New

A large emphasis is placed on learning something new in every class you attend.  We want you to be the best you can be every time you train with us.  This so that you feel good about yourself when you leave our studio and hopefully carry that good feeling with you into your family and professional life.

We believe in training without Injuries at Mu-gen-do Martial Arts Academy.  We have had a wealth of  knowledge handed down to us from our teachers, George Canning Snr. 10th Dan and George Canning Jnr. 9th Dan, that enables us to help you condition your body.  This is so that, you in two words you can… “injury proof” yourself.



More About Us

Mugendo was developed as a fighting art and its practitioners have proved, that time and time again, it to be a highly successful system of fighting in the ring.

What we are about though, is using the Mu-gen-do system, to bring the body to its natural state of fitness and health, without destroying it.  This would be counterproductive to our ultimate goal, which is Health and Well-Being.

Mugendo is an invaluable system for those who need Rehabilitation and or Preventative exercises.  It’s for staying strong and supple, due to past injuries or structural instability in their body.

We understand how the human body tick.  We also understand that every person is different and what comes with his or her own past injuries, whether they come from sporting or elsewhere.

We’ll help you through physical pain or weakness using our unique system of Rehabilitation and preventative exercises to keep your body strong and supple, at any age or fitness level.

Our open-minded approach to training means, everyone who trains with us, can enjoy themselves in our classes without segregation or isolation, because of weight gender or physical ability.

Martial arts is for everyone of any age or fitness level!  It’s “NEVER TOO LATE” for you and your family to begin practising Mugendo.  So what are you waiting for…?

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