April 2017: Keep Your Teenager Busy, Productive & Most Importantly…. Out Of Trouble This Summer!

Bored Much?


Time off school, especially “Summer Holiday” time off school, means you the parent, will be faced with the challenge of keeping your ever changing teenager busy. Let’s face it, if you don’t keep them busy, you can be damn sure guaranteed, that they’ll take matters into their own hands and will find a way of amusing themselves…


We all know when groups of teenagers go “walkabout” together with nothing else better to do, they somehow always find the very one thing, that might not just necessarily be the best choice of a pastime for their personal development or safety….

I was a teenager once, as were you, so you know what I’m talking about.  You remember hanging around, with the “In Crew” is very cool and possibly, what might have the potential to get your teen in trouble. As a parent, who wouldn’t rather know, where their children are in the evening time? Instead of, being “out with friends” doing “Who Knows What” with “Who Knows Who”…?


Kickboxing Teens

Another big distraction for kids when they’re bored is that piece of technology, they never take out of their hand…their phone…


Social media has grasped the nation by the throat. Our teenagers are now at the mercy and the “opinion” of others, who may not even know them, on social media sites. Our children are even more exposed to cyber bullying.  Also, the like in the pursuit of entertainment, hunting for likes and so on, just to feel some kind of self-worth, which is only temporary gratification at its best…


Nowadays, children are forgetting what it’s like to be a child.  Not to mention, the rapid rise of the gamer generation, where our youths and adults alike are glued to their computer games, spending endless hours In a mind-numbing, virtual reality, that gives nothing back, except short-term gratification….


Training kickboxing Teenagers

Wouldn’t you rather know that they’re being productive with their time, spending it learning a skill, they’ll have for the rest of their lives? Not to mention, the countless life lessons they’ll through every single challenging training session, that they attend and to come out better people, at the end of it every-single-time they train.


Mugendo Martial Arts Academy is somewhere they’ll be training their minds and their bodies, instead of walking the streets, looking at the next viral video of a cat on Youtube, or being worried about how their selfie looks on their snap chat page… We will instil the kind of confidence in your child, that gives them the feeling of self-worth, without turning to a piece of plastic technology or a fake reality for it.

We Offer a “Free Introductory” Class to every single teenager who comes through our doors.