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What is Mugendo?


  • It is a martial art which has its roots in the East, but developed in the West.

  • This derives from the Japanese Art of Wado-Ryu Karate and Western Boxing.

  • Mu-gen-do means “The Unlimited Way” and was developed by three men, George Canning of Ireland,
    Peter Meijic of Yugoslavia and Meiji Suzuki of Japan.


Unlike traditional martial arts, the hands are held high as in western boxing and the position of the feet is not a long wide stance.   As this allows for natural movement with feet hip-width apart, as a base to work from.

Mu-gen-do allows each participant‘s strengths to shine through.   It helps each participant develop their own unique way of moving, inside of the Dojo and outside of the Dojo.

Mugendo is a martial art, which can help you get fitter, build your stamina and strength, and improve your flexibility and muscle tone. We train in a safe, professional, dedicated environment with fully qualified professionals who have attained the highest levels in the discipline.

Our kickboxing classes and personal training sessions at various venues across County Meath.  We tailor our classes and sessions to the individual to help them achieve their goals, whether it be developing body strength, increasing fitness levels, learning self-defence or simply having fun and unwinding!

Our sessions are enjoyable and suitable for all, ensuring you can enjoy getting fit and unwind in a safe and welcoming environment.  Fergal Lawlor, your instructor is a full-time professional, who is fully insured, licensed and qualified in First-Aid.

Mugendo is totally flexible – you can attend group classes, personal training sessions or a combination of the two. We have no joining fee and we also offer special student rates for classes.  Imagine, with our help, you will be able to build a health plan that is based on your lifestyle, goals and budget.

Mugendo translated from Japanese means “Unlimited Way” and originates from the traditional Karate style of Wado-Ryu, Western Boxing.


Do I have to fight?


No, we are not a fighting gym, although we come from a fighting background, we aim to help you get your body healthy through martial arts, not destroy it.

Sparring is entirely optional, but by no means obligatory.


Am I too old to begin training?


Mugendo is for men and women of any age.   From the very young to the mature adult and will only help you maintain or progress your fitness and health.   You can start at any stage in life and still benefit from the training.


Our experience?


Our instructor Fergal Lawlor began his kickboxing training in 2003.

Fergal Lawlor holds a 5th-degree black belt in Mugendo kickboxing.   This is accredited by the World Mugendo University, under Professor George Canning, 10th Dan (founder of Mugendo kickboxing) and his son Professor George Canning, Junior 9th Dan.

Began teaching martial arts in 2009.   With a small one to one client base, Fergal began running group classes in late 2010 for both adults and children.   The Mugendo Martial Arts Academy has gone from strength to strength in the Trim and Athboy in County Meath.

Fergal is an “Action Personal Trainer” under the Athletic Certification Commission (A.C.T.).  He has worked with almost a thousand people since 2007, in helping them to reach their fitness goals.

Holding an Advanced Level 6 FETAC Certification in leisure facility instruction.  Fergal is also qualified to teach a wide variety of fitness classes; such as indoor cycling and step aerobics under Reebok Fitness Training.

Fergal Lawlor has been a close protection bodyguard.   He has worked actively in the industry from 2012-2014, having trained for 5 years to qualify to do so.



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