May 2017: Why do you need to practice Mugendo..?


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I’ll tell you why….


You’ll face problems in your life like everyone will. Things will happen to you, things will go south now and again. Good days, Bad days and so on. But you’ll need courage and you’ll need focus to overcome these problems. At Mugendo Martial Arts Academy we will help you forge the tools that will give you power over any situation. Tools that will help you develop an indestructible, unbending will that will enable you to overcome the negative voice in your head telling you that “you can’t do it”

This mindset will become easy to access through practice, hard and sometimes painful practice. But every time you practice you’ll be thickening your armour and sharpening your sword. You’ll be capable keeping these things that will help you fresh in your mind to face life challenges. Whether it’s a work, relationship or some other challenge. Training in Mugendo will give you a wealth of things that once you’ve been cultivating and practising regularly will come to your aid and help you when you need them most.



How may you ask?


You learn to stick to things though the good times and the bad times. Martial Arts is tough just like life can be… there is no mistaking that.

I don’t  mind telling you about the more than a  few times that I’ve been heaped over in a ball in a squatted position leaning against the Dojo wall using only my forehead to hold my body upright while my heavy arms hang down by my wayside and I’m talking to myself over and over telling myself to “get up and keep going” despite feeling like I was going to faint. This attitude is a testament to my teacher and my training.


This next bit is important, so read it and never forget it.


Not sticking to things will make it difficult for us to ever achieve anything in our lives we want.

Nor is it a good way of setting an example for our children as they grow up.

If you show others around you and children alike that its “ok” to give up at the first sign of adversity then that person or that child may have a hard life because they have learnt from a young age that it’s acceptable to quit instead of persevering through it even through the very hard times!

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