So what’s the secret…?

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It’s simple really…


But the question is will you put it into action once you’re in on the secret?


What many people don’t take into consideration when they are setting a goal is, they never think of changing their behaviour first…

Changing your behaviour is at the root of creating lasting habits. Our behaviour is a reflection of who we think we are, it’s what we identify with. So in a sense, you have to change your own perception of who you think you are. Now I’m not talking about getting a lobotomy.


Let me explain:


Every January the gyms are packed with “New Year, New You’ERs”. ¬†They’ll train for a short period of time and after getting their yearly exercise in then they’ll disappear for whatever reason until next year.Others will last a month and the really good ones will last 2.

Now they have all done the same thing year in year out and will continue to do this every single year but they’ll still wonder why they are yielding the same results which are mediocre at best.

The reason is that they have consistently exhibited the exact same behaviour year after year, therefore, it’s gotten them the exact same or lack of therein results in year after year.

So here is a quick fire method to changing up your behaviour for the better…


Little wins!


Set a small goal every day that you don’t usually do. For example:

-Eat a good breakfast

-Walk for 10 minutes in the morning,

Now complete this Goal every day for seven days. Then give yourself a pat on the pack.

Now keep doing it and you’ll see how easy it becomes, then it’s time for another small goal and another and another until you are doing a lot of small simple things very well.

Not only will you not sweat the small stuff anymore but once you learn to set small goals and achieve them often enough you’ll boost your own self-confidence and will be motivated to set bigger goals and therefore achieve bigger things.

See what we’re doing?

Not only that but you’ll identify with yourself as somebody who does what they say they’ll do.

You’ll identify yourself as being a successful person:)

Keys to lasting habits


To Review:


Your new Identity comes from believing that you are the kind of person who sets goals and achieves.

Prove this to yourself by setting a small goal every day to achieve that challenges you more than you’d normally be. Complete this goal every day for 7 days.

Upon completion, you now have tangible proof that you’re that person who does what they said they would do.

Next onward and upward to newer things, more challenging goals and better health.


Keys to lasting habits