Mugendo Martial Arts Academy Summer Camps 2017…

This image is of kids on Summer Camp


It’s Summer Time and “I’m bored” is the daily phrase!


Schools out and suddenly children’s minds stop being challenged on the level they would have been in the classroom! Eek!!!


So parents and guardians, what does that mean for you?  For you, it means having a child at home all day, who will inevitably have excess energy, want to spend more time watching TV or excessively want to play video games, which can sometimes lead to weight gain due to inactivity.

This image is of kids playing video games

It’s “prime time” you could say for “boredom and procrastination” to settle into your child.


But fear not! You’re in luck!  Mugendo Martial Arts Academy has the answer!


Our summer camps will offer fun and excitement to keep them busy every single day!

This image is of kids on summer camp

How does this sound? Instead of sitting around on their behinds, frying their brains on a TV or computer, we’ll make sure that they enjoy 4 full hours of challenging engaging physical and mental workouts, games, arts and crafts, and more… from start till finish!

This image is of kids on Summer Camp

Your little angels will arrive home every day, calm, relaxed and maybe even a little tired, yes tired, so that you can enjoy some down time because let’s face it, it’s your summer too!!!


To give you an idea of what they could be doing here is a sample of some activities:




Daily Format


  • 10.00am   Kickboxing training

  • 10.45am   Little Break (a Little breather)

  • 11.00am   Games time (martial arts orientated)

  • Midday      Big Break (to catch their breath)

  • 12.45pm   Arts and crafts ( a new project every day)

  • 02.00pm   Home


See our poster below and to place a booking or enquiry please use the following link provided:

Martial Arts Summer Camp