What our clients “REALLY” think… it’s testimonials time!


I went back to kick boxing tonight officially for the first time in 11 years due to a kidney transplant op I had ten years ago. With a few modifications to training so as not to injure my transplanted organ, I thoroughly enjoyed the class.

The instructor / The Boss Fergal is a fantastic teacher … We trained under the same professor way back when and he went on. I am very happy to be under his tutelage and the other students made me feel very welcome, so thanks guys!

Already looking forward to my next class!

Ken Kirwan


Relaxed fun way to learn ..Fergal ..is of excellent form 5th Dan white tip times 3…very down to earth..endless patience. I was recovering from a bad car crash when I joined..just over a year ago and now train with glee four classes a week ..in short, a very good choice of trainer and dojo

Niall Deehan


The kids were at the summer camp last week and loved it so much they even wanted to go to their class later on in the same day for more kickboxing and fun, you’ve a magic touch with them Fergal. Thanks!

Chris Pentony



Fergal is fantastic. Perfect for all the family to get fit and enjoy themselves while doing so. My Son loves it, and it’s hard to get him to go anywhere!

Julie O’ Donohue


In my opinion, Fergal is a gentleman, today it’s also because of him I am able to walk without crutches, I like the way he is with all students and the way he teaches us. He’s a very passionate and very honest guy. I’m looking forward to coming back soon and I can’t wait for that.

Ravi Bhowany


Fantastic trainer, couldn’t ask for better!

Lisa Lynch


Fergal Lawlor has been my personal trainer for over 5 years now. This is a testament to his ability to be diverse in his teaching with no two sessions ever being the same. His knowledge and genuine interest in how the body works and his willingness to encourage people to open their minds to their unlimited positive health and vitality is why Fergal’s Mugendo Martial Arts Academy is such a huge success with the young, and like me, the not so young. He has a passion and an energy for health and fitness that exceeds expectation which allows him give a tailored fit to the person he trains.”

Sorcha McQuaid


“Top class teacher for both knowledge in martial arts and life!!”

Edward Cawley


“My Grandson Jamie loves going every week and I have to say Fergal is brilliant with the kids!”

Melissa Tomney-Murphy


“From my experience, Fergal has a lovely way with the kids and teaches them respect and self defence in a fun and positive way. The classes are a great help to my son with the little struggles he faces.”

Janette Laffan


During my time training with Fergal, I have dropped 2 dress sizes. Been training 3 days a week in the gym, but I couldn’t shift the baby weight. I had zero confidence to wear nice clothes because I didn’t like how I looked. I felt awful in everything.  No confidence, both physically and mentally.

Training 3 days a week with Fergal, I learned new exercise techniques and was given a diet plan. Over the course of my time training, I lost 10kg. I now wear clothes I never would have thought about wearing before I had my baby. Recently, I bought a nice pair of jeans and had to exchange them for a smaller size!!!! If that doesn’t shout success, I don’t know what will!

I am now conscious of the foods I eat (in a healthy way) and I allow myself a cheat day (or two) and I now have visible muscle definition.  So happy with the results I got from my time training with Fergal. I might mention that since I lost my baby weight, I met my boyfriend and I hadn’t even looked at anyone in a year and a half due to lack of confidence. I couldn’t recommend Fergal enough!!

Aoife Murphy


I’ve been training in Mugendo with Fergal Lawlor for a few years now, both in one-to-one and group class environments. On meeting Fergal you instantly see his interpersonal skills shine, his ability to relate to people of all ages, this being a testament to the varying levels and various types of people who attend his classes.

His positive attitude, boundless enthusiasm and encouragement make the training both enjoyable and painfully testing in equal measures, usually to the point where your own frustrations are overcome by his relentless perseverance for you to succeed.

Brendan Kelly


Fergal has an ability to deconstruct techniques to the point it can be comprehended but not simplified, to encourage you think it through yourself. The training sessions vary greatly in format and always create a good atmosphere where everyone wants to strive and improve themselves, giving an inner satisfaction, and a platform to think about what you’ve just learnt.

Training with Fergal and Mugendo, has assisted me greatly with my mindset and my attitude in other areas of my life and I’m very thankful to both for this, therefore I see no reason to stop training.

Noel Fortune


Fergal is a top class instructor who brings something different to every class his motivational skill’s and knowledge is truly inspiring. Fergal is a full-time Mugendo instructor with a background in personal training and other martial arts and in my opinion a great life coach too. So if anyone is considering joining for whatever reason you’re at the right dojo!

Neil Carrick


If you want something “fun, exciting and tiring” for your kids then bring them to Mugendo Martial Arts Academy!  My children attend Fergal’s classes and they “love it” and they think Fergal is amazing!  He is so good with the kids in his classes and really gets them motivated and focused! My daughter Gen (age 7) likes the classes, so she can do the high kicks and my son Gavin (age 12) likes the classes because it teaches himself defence. So all in all, take it from me, my kids and I think Fergal Lawlor is a great role model!

Eimer Duffy


Thank you so much for your excellent teaching with Jamal. He has learned a huge amount about controlling his strength and reactions. Hugely important. He has also become fitter. I really appreciate the way you see ability when you look at him. Not many people do that. Thank you!

Patricia Murphy


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